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Portable laboratory cabin

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Portable Lab Cabin plays a vital role in research and development at remote places. We at A M Office offer portable prefabricated lab cabins. Our designed laboratory is designed on high standards offering you complete medical solution. It can also use as mobile clinic. In terms of medical usage, it is necessary to have more secure cabins that protect the equipments and also maintain proper hygiene with sample safety. Keeping that in mind our expert team uses the best grade material to build low maintenance long lasting cabin. This also protects the laboratory form different weather conditions. We had kept space for different lab material and amenities with proper management so that you can adjust it whenever needed. Portable Lab Cabins designed by us can be used for different purpose. Due to small size it is comfortable to move and reallocate. You can contact use for custom solution also were we design labs as per your need.


  • Spacious
  • Weather proof
  • High storage space
  • Easy to transport


Affordable Price

Minimum Order Quantity 1 Piece
Material Steel, Wood
Use Portable laboratory cabin
Feature Easily Assembled, Eco Friendly
Built Type Prefab, Modular
Brand A M Office Solution
Is It Customised Yes

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Lab Cabin Manufacturers in India - Portable Lab Cabins

Building Confidence in you

Portable LAB Cabin is an ideal workplace for doctors, practitioner, students, etc to research in presence of all medical amenities at remote place. LAB Cabin is different compare to regular one. They are more hygienic, loaded with cutting edge technology, latest laboratory material, etc. It acts as a remote clinic also in much rural area. Today it is necessary to think from economic point of view, to deal with current cost scenario. Ample of time instead of fixed structure, portable cabins plays a vital role in operation and management. And when the situation is associated with medical, more professional approach is required. We offer services under Portable Lab Cabins ideally designed for medical usage. We also deal with Lab Cabin Construction from scratch depending on the need of client. Being a portable solution, it is quiet easy to move and manage. At remote places it is really complicated to find established solution for research and medical work. On the other hand it is also essential to find important equipments and secure samples.

Why A M office Solutions

We are offering the finest range of Portable cabins which are widely known as porta cabins and are suitable for all onsite requirements. We operate in a large number of cities, mainly Bangalore, Hyderabad, Bhubaneswar and Guntur. These Portable cabins are an ideal choice for persistent use of buildings in different locations. These portable cabins are manufactuired and designed by ateam of diligent professionals and experienced engineers, architectures, interior designers, consultants and the clients.

We work in close cooperation with our clients to coordinate with their exacting requirements and to maximize their benefits. Our continue growth in both government and private sectors of the industry are due to the domain expertise and design efficiency. Being one of the best Portable cabin Manufacturer in Hyderabad, We ensure that our cabins exhibit exceptional features. These portable cabins are well known for their portability and maintaing the highest structural stability. Providing an absolutelyleak proof and faultless range of porta cabins that work well even under severe climatic conditions, we have become one of the trusted portable cabin manufacturer in Bangalore. These cabins are also earthquake proof aas well as weatherproof.

We are leading Lab Cabin Manufacturer, offering a wide range of services under Pre-fabricated structure. Our team also consist, a panel of Lab Cabin Designer who can work on the basis of client’s requirement. Our team of experts and chain of Lab Cabin suppliers are capable of giving you the product in right time with maximum satisfaction. We are operating for years through which we had gain valuable knowledge. The same is then used to provide a structure which is capable of giving you fixed structure. Our dedicated team of Skilled Professional is able to meet all kind of requirement whether it is associated with technology or latest medical amenities. On the same hand we also try to push the cost under budget. Being a movable solution you can manage it via transport on different places. Our motto is offering you an affordable with latest equipment powered by new technology. This helps you to adjust easily in changing environment. Our team consist, panel of experts who design products on the basis of operation. So that you can get one stop solution.